Hydroseeding Facts

- More cost efficient. Three times less than sod installation.
- See grass within 5 to 7 days
- Best time to apply given our specific climate: May-September
- Guarantees even coverage whereas sod can sometimes leave gaps or shrink within the first month
- Customizable; you get to choose what seed will be best for your soil
- More effective for hillsides and sloped lawns creating an erosion control concept.
- Better retention of moisture
- Healthier, greener, and longer lasting than sod and other hand seeding options
- Protects from wind, rain, sun, pests, and more
- Able to cover large areas
- A safe, non-toxic method
- Less labor required
- Cost is 3 times less than sod.

Russell Landscaping installs hydroseed in the Selah, Yakima and surrounding areas. We have been providing quality lawns to our clients for the past seven years. Feel free to check out the facts below regarding the hydroseeding process and call our office with any questions you may have. Pictures to come.