Make Your Space Spectacular With Pavers and Retaining Walls

Count on Russell Landscaping in Union Gap, WA to transform your space

If you want to add unique features to your Washington business or home, consider the benefits of pavers and retaining walls. Used for centuries to build roads and create walkways, paver stones can be made from a variety of materials, come in numerous colors and can easily add character and beauty to any place you so desire.

Pavers and retaining walls are perfect for creating pathways and holding back soil when you change the elevation of a space. Although these elements are mostly thought of as utilitarian, they can actually be used to add aesthetic appeal.

Whether you want to create a gorgeous courtyard using pavers or you need a retaining wall to hold back the soil around your property, you’ll find the help you need at Russell Landscaping in Selah.
In addition to installing pavers and retaining walls, we can also handle multiple other needs including water feature installation and commercial landscape maintenance.

When you need a retaining wall or want pavers installed, work with the landscaping professionals at Russell Landscaping in Union Gap & Selah, WA. Call our office at 509-697-6977 or 509-952-5595 to set up your first appointment.

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